August 20, 2020 Simeon Harrar

Gratitude in the messiness

Exactly one month ago we were supposed to leave for Nairobi, Kenya. Contracts were signed, bags were packed, dreams of a new life were about to come true, and then in a matter of days all the plans we had carefully built came crashing down. It was a mess. We were a mess. The world felt like it was a mess.

But in the midst of that mess we were reminded that we were not alone. God showed up in the messiness. God spoke words of love and affirmation through the texts and calls and drop-ins of friends. God provided for us with Ali getting a job teaching elementary music at a nearby school district. God blessed us through the generosity of my parents who temporarily gave up their house to our would-be renters and moved into our basement so that we could have some sense of stability. Not only that, but they’ve helped with meals and dishes, watching the kids, and they haven’t even complained about all the noise we make and our incessant singing.

God has reminded us through the radical generosity of others that He is still a God of Manna in the desert. While the last month has been difficult and painful and filled with plenty of unknowns and unexpected challenges, we have been reminded that we are not alone in the messiness. God is here. God has always been here. Our God is Immanuel.

To those of you who have prayed for us, sent us job postings, baked bread, brought over a 6-pack of beer, sent cards, and checked on our spirits, please know that we are incredibly grateful for you; grateful for you being the hands and feet of Jesus for us and with us. Thank you for surrounding us with love in our hour of need and for giving us hope. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.


Simeon, Alison, Lydia and Sam

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