Finding Tom

In a small southern town Tom Weston ran outside with tears streaming down his face in the middle of the night. He collapsed in a heap on the red earth. She couldn t be gone. He wasn t ready to say goodbye. He closed his eyes and saw again the stiff corpse laying in the bed upstairs. This was not a dream. A tale of grief, faith, and hope, follows the life of teenager Tom Weston as he strives to make sense of his life. Given an opportunity to escape Podunk Greenwood and his past, he finds himself at the gates of the highly prestigious Locklear University. With the comical Dr. Emory as his friend and mentor, Tom scrapes to survive in this strange new world ruled by the despicable Dean of students. Tom and wealthy roommate, Charles Montgomery, are fatefully paired to tackle the pressures of school, family, and their impending futures as they join a mysterious secret society together. When blonde bombshell Julia Stine walks into the picture things only get more confusing.

The Grogling

A mysterious creature, an ancient mystery, and a stone with a dark secret. Two youth stumble into a treacherous adventure that will lead them far from home on the quest of a lifetime.

Between Worlds

Simeon Harrar grew up all around the world as a missionary kid. He weaves together first-hand accounts of the joys and struggles of his childhood. Get lost in the jungle, slurp down strange foods, and try to re-create a Thanksgiving dinner in the African desert. Experience the oddities of missionary life, wrestle with the tensions of being an American growing up in a foreign culture and get a glimpse of things you only thought possible in fairytales. Follow the epic adventures and failures of a boy trying to find his identity as a child of two worlds.